Wee Worship is a ministry for our pre-school aged children and is divided into two groups.  

Wee Worship 1 is for ages 2 & 3 and meets in Room # 311, downstairs & Wee Worship 2 is for ages Pre-K & Kindergarten and meets in Room # 309 downstairs.  

These groups meet during the entire worship hour and children can be checked in at the kid's check-in station at the entrance to the children's hall downstairs or at the kid's check-in station in the church lobby.  

Once you have checked your kids in, two stickers will print out.  One is for you to put on your child and the other is for you to keep.  The numbers on these stickers will be matched up when you pick up your kids following the service.  This simple registration process will allow you to enter as much information as you would like, to include a cell phone number, if you need to be texted during the service and any allergies that you would like the teacher to be aware of.

During Wee Worship the children are taught a simple, age appropriate lesson from God's Word and typically includes a story, music, coloring or some kind of craft and a snack.