We have a staffed nursery during both Sunday school and our worship hour, located downstairs in room # 104.  All of our nursery workers have submitted to a background check for your kids protection.  You are invited to drop off your child there during any of those times, if you choose, and they will be loved and cared for.  

Of course you're always welcome to keep your child with you during the service as well, and if you should need to step out, we have a speaker located in the church lobby, so that you'll still be able to hear what is taking place in the service.

There is a kid's check-in station located in the church lobby.  Once you check your child in, two stickers will print out.  One is for you to place either on your child or a car seat or diaper bag that will stay with the child and the other is for you to keep.  The numbers on these two stickers will be matched up when you pick your child up after the service.  
From the church lobby, go down the main stairs and the nursery is the second door on the right.