On the night of July 20, 1955, a group of New Testament Christians met in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Simmons, 825 King Avenue.  This group consisted of seventeen (17) adults and eleven (11) children.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the possibility of starting a New Testament Church in West Waynesboro.  The following were elected to serve temporarily as officers.  Ray Turner, Chm., Clark Jordan, Bible School Supt., George Smith, Treasurer, and Phyllis Smith, Secretary.  On the Building Committee were Ray Turner, Clark Jordan, Clarabelle Hopkins, and Marvin Kincaid.

The Jackson-Wilson Middle school auditorium was secured as a temporary meeting place.  John E. Alligood of Washington, NC. was called to serve as Minister.  He began his work during the last week of August 1955.  

On November 23, 1955 five (lots) on Cortland Street in the Mondomaine Subdivision of Waynesboro were purchased.  On May 24, 1956 a permit was secured to erect a building on the above mentioned lots with funds pledged by the personal signatures of members.

On February 13, 1957 three (3) elders and five (5) deacons were elected by the congregation.

On September 21, 1957 with a membership of over one hundred our Building of Worship was dedicated.

On April 20, 1958 a letter of resignation from John Alligood was read because of Mrs. Alligood's health, to become effective in the early fall.  He recommended a young preacher, Dennis Harris from Acworth, GA. to the Elders.  This young man was called and he began his work here on October 9, 1958.

On May 8, 1966 a letter of resignation was read from Dennis.  He felt it was time he moved and wanted to do so before his son started in school.

On August 28, 1966 it was recommended that we call Philip Forehand.  He accepted and began his ministry on the 2nd Sunday of October 1966.

In August 2009 Philip retired, and after a leave of absence, returned to West Waynesboro and currently teaches an adult Sunday School class.  

In March 2009 Mark Ford began his ministry as the Associate Minister, with emphasis on the youth of our church and resigned in late summer 2012 to accept a Sr. Minister position at a church in Missouri.

In October 2009 Jonathan Feathers was called as the new Sr. Minister and resigned in late summer 2012 to accept a pastoral staff position at a large church in Tennessee.

In February 2013 Chad Grondin was called as the Sr. Minister, and he and his wife Stephanie and son Brady moved to Waynesboro.