Frequently Asked Questions

We eagerly hope that you will choose to visit and worship with us in the near future.  As you make that decision, you may have some questions as to what to expect, below you'll find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. 

What entrance should I use?
If you arrive prior to the start of our Sunday morning worship service (10:30 A.M.), you are welcome to enter the building through the Main entrance off of Cortland Street, the entrance at the back of the building or the entrance on the side of the building off of the main parking lot. The main entrance will bring you in on the main level and directly across from the worship auditorium, (Note: This is our handicapped accessible entrance and reserved handicapped parking is provided along Cortland Street). If you enter the back entrance, you will need to go up or down, up to enter into the fellowship hall or down to enter into the adult and children's educational wings. If you enter the side parking lot entrance, you will enter into the adult educational wing and will need to go upstairs to get to the worship auditorium. NOTE: If you arrive after the start of the service (Don't worry, you're not the only one who is ever late!), please, use the main entrance, as the back and side entrances are locked at 10:30 A.M. for security reasons. This is done for the safety and security of our worshipers and especially our children.
How should I dress?
At WWCC you'll find many styles of dress. Some will be dressed in their "Sunday best", while others will be dressed much more casually. We believe that the Bible teaches that God looks at the heart, so we're not so much concerned with what you wear. Feel free to wear whatever you're comfortable in, as long as it's decent. Come as you are, whether that means jeans and sneakers or a three piece suit!
What should I expect?
You should expect a warm, friendly greeting from the people of WWCC, many of whom are pretty much just like you. We are all sinners saved by grace and thus we recognize that we all have a past. This is why we all are so dependent on the amazing grace of God! At the entrance to the worship auditorium (just inside the main entrance) there should be a greeter or usher available to welcome you and hand you a bulletin. In the bulletin, you'll find basic information about WWCC, a place to take notes during the message if you desire and announcements concerning upcoming activities/events. Whether it is your first time worshiping with us or you are a long time member, each person in attendance is asked to fill out a yellow connection card. They are located on the backs of the pews in the Sanctuary. This allows us to have a record of your time with us and also provides a place on the back to list any prayer requests or to request information. You can drop the connection card in one of the offering plates as they are passed during the service. Our worship style is best described as blended. We sing a variety of old hymns accompanied by our praise band and led by a praise team, as well as some more modern chorus type songs. On 5th Sundays, (Months that have a 5th Sunday) we designate this time as Youth Sunday and on those days, our youth help to lead us in worship and in service. Also, in the main entry foyer, you'll find an information counter (named the Mickey Center for one of the people of WWCC past) and an information wall. Sign-up sheets for various events and activities are posted at the information counter. At the counter and on the wall, you will also find more information about WWCC and what kind of church we are.
Where are the restrooms?
The main bathrooms are located just off of the main entry foyer and entrance to the worship auditorium, in the fellowship hall. Look for the sign or just ask someone. There are also bathrooms located downstairs in the children's wing.
How do you take Communion?
We partake of Communion, also called the Lord's Supper, every Lord's Day (Sunday), as is the model that is recorded in the New Testament of the Bible. Before we partake, someone will offer a Communion Meditation (A 2-3 minute message), that is designed to focus our thoughts on the cross and sacrifice of Christ. As the trays are passed, any baptized believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, is invited to partake of the bread and juice. We believe strongly in open Communion. From time to time, we may choose to partake together, but typically, each individual partakes of the bread and juice on their own and after doing so passes the tray to the next person.
How Do I Check My 1st-5th Grade Kid Into Children's Classes?
For Sunday School (9:15 A.M.): If you arrive for Sunday school, you will want to make your way to the children's wing downstairs. If you don't see signs directing you there, please, ask someone, as they would be happy to help you find your way. At the entrance to the children's wing, there is a desk, where you can sign your child(ren) in. At that time they will be given a lanyard that corresponds with a key tag that you will be given. After Sunday school is over, if your child is (1st grade - 5th grade) please return to the children's wing to pick up your child(ren) to bring them upstairs. For Worship (10:30 A.M.): If you arrive only for the worship service, if you have child(ren) 1st-5th grades, you can take them with you to the Sanctuary (located on the main level). During the worship service, following Communion (also called the Lord's Supper), grades 1st-5th will be dismissed under the direction of the youth minister to go to their classroom downstairs. Following the worship service, you can pick up your child(ren) from the children's wing.
How Do I Check In A Nursery Aged Child?
Our Nursery is for children ages Infant-2 years old and is located in Room #104, off of the main hall downstairs. If you have a nursery aged child(ren) you can drop them off there, whether you are arriving for Sunday school or worship. You can pick them up, after the worship service is over.
How Do I Check In my Pre-K or Kindergarten Child?
If your child(ren) is Pre-K or Kindergarten, then you can sign them in at the registration desk located at the entrance to the children's wing. There they will be given a lanyard and you will receive a key tag that corresponds to their lanyard. They will remain in their classroom (Wee-Worship) during the main worship service upstairs. Following the service, please, return to the children's wing to sign your child(ren) out and return the key tag that will then be placed with your child's lanyard.
Will my children be safe? (Security Measures)
All of our wonderful and dedicated volunteer and staff who work with children in any capacity are required to submit to a background check. In addition, the back and side doors to the facility are locked at 10:30 A.M., at the beginning of the worship service, so that all entry from that point on, must be through the main entrance. We also have ushers who are responsible to patrol the hallways of the building during the service, while children's activities are taking place. These precautions are taken to better protect all of our worshipers and especially your children.