Be The Church

As a church, we are on a journey to not just go to church, BUT to actively BE THE CHURCH.   Each week you are encouraged to do something for someone in the community, in our journey to BE THE CHURCH.

Suggestions/Ideas for BEING THE CHURCH:
>Mow someone's yard (for free).  
>Baby-sit/provide childcare for someone (for free).
>Visit someone in a nursing home or a shut-in.
>Send a letter, card, email or text of encouragement
>Bring flowers to someone who needs to be uplifted & reminded that there are people who care.
>Invite someone out to lunch (and pay for them).
>Pay for the order of the car behind you in the drive-thru OR for the order of the person in line behind you.  Ask the team member to give them our church card, or say "Jesus paid it all" or God loves you."
>Volunteer with a non-profit community organization (Comfort Care Women's Health, Love INC, Habitat For Humanity, Salvation Army, Food Pantry, Etc.)
>Donate food to our Helping Hands Food Pantry or some other food pantry.
>Do a random act of kindness.
>Weed a neighbor's or a shut-in's garden.
>Get groceries for a shut-in or someone who's ill.
>Make cookies for the crabbiest person you know, and deliever them with a smile.
>Bring your co-workers breakfast/coffee.  Write an encouraging note on the bag/cup.
>Write positive & encouraging notes and put them under people's windshield wiper blades.
>Brag about God.
>Make a care package for someone in need.
>Pay to send an unchurched child to Camp Rudolph.
>Talk to your neighbors and really listen.
>Donate school supplies to the school closest to you.
>Give a gift card to show appreciation.
>Give someone who needs it a ride.
>Donate dog food to the SPCA/rescue shelter.
>Sponsor a child through Christian Missionary Fellowship or World Vision.
>Invite people to church, VBS, Waynesboro Generals Game, etc.
>Have a free car wash for your neighbors.  Put up a sign, and don't accept money.  Say, "Jesus washed feet, I'm washing cars."
>Invite someone into your home for dinner/dessert or take them out.
>Invite a family to join you for mini-golf.
>Forgive.  (Remember, forgiving doesn't mean forgetting or that what happened was okay.)
>Become a foster parent.
>Leave an extraordinarily large tip (more than 20%) and an invitation to worship with us or just a simple message of God's love.
>Give Blood.